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Thread: parramora crit chicken

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    parramora crit chicken

    Tell us about you:

    Your "Real Life" Age and Occupationlder than stained glass designer/crafter

    Availabilty for Raids:all the time

    Past guilds, and why you left each:Honorbound..fell apart..AR becuz did not like the way it was going and took a leave of absence...

    Past Raid Experience:up to togc 25 but anub not downed...LOVE to raid..thats really why i everything earlier

    Interest: (Hard Core Raiding/Regular Raiding/Social Raiding/PVP)raiding!!!!!

    How long have you been playing? (/played)189 days...LOL...96 days lvl 80.../ sad..thats just on my boomie.

    Your email

    Tell us about your raiding main:moonkin/crit chicken/space turkey

    Character Name:parramora

    Class:balance druid

    Raid Spec:balance

    Link to the WOW Armory:

    Attunements: n/a anymore... =)

    Alts if any:spankypantz...lvl 80 arcane mage

    What are your professions? Are there any notable/exciting craftables that you can make?LW....most totc patterns and JCing....lots epic cuts

    What mods do you currently have installed?dbm...decursive...omen...recount..

    Do you have ventrillo installed?yes

    Do you have a working microphone and know how to use it?omg yes...LOL

    IMPORTANT - What is your favorite non-combat pet?gotta go with egbert cuz he loves to run in and scare people that hes gunna

    Miscellaneous - and probably most important section of all:

    Why do you want to join the August Knights?i ran with you tonight and really like the way the raid was run and liked the people in there.

    Do you know any current August Knights members who would be willing to vouch for you?

    If you could have one "final meal..............NO COMMENT...lololololololol

    What are the last three books you read, and what did you think of each?harry potters....i sad...i loved them all tho

    What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?LoTR..i know...god i sound like such a geek...but i love the fantasy/epic war scenes too.

    Paper or Plastic?paper...duh

    Diamond Dave or Sammy?.....ummmmmm what?

    Kirk or Picard? Why? im sure ill be shunned for this...but neither...LOL
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    From our TotC 25 last night, solid raider with a good attitude. Recommend an invite.
    Pallies aren't OP - everyone else just sucks.

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