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Thread: Guild Application - Juura

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    Guild Application - Juura


    Tell us about you:

    Your "Real Life" Age and Occupation:
    28 - I'm a training coordinator for AAA Insurance

    Availabilty for Raids:
    Weeknights and most weekends

    Past guilds, and why you left each:
    Allegiance Reborn - The leadership has changed and I don't agree with the direction the guild has gone. Also, I think the "top end" guilds are too stressful! LOL

    Past Raid Experience:
    All end content except ToGC 10/25

    Interest: (Hard Core Raiding/Regular Raiding/Social Raiding/PVP)
    Regular raiding and social raiding... I HATE pvp!! lol

    How long have you been playing? (/played)
    Juura: 34 days, 7 hours
    Jurandis: 63 days, 15 hours

    Your email address:

    Tell us about your raiding main:

    Character Name:


    Raid Spec:

    Link to the WOW Armory:

    Hmmmm - On this toon i don't think any since they're not needed anymore. I have several on Jurandis though

    Alts if any:
    Jurandis - Destructo Warlock. Was my main for a long time until a few months ago.

    What are your professions? Are there any notable/exciting craftables that you can make?
    LW and Enchanting. LW, not maxxed. Enchanting - almost all wotlk enchants.

    What mods do you currently have installed?
    xperl, DMB, dominos, recount, omen, chatter, maybe a few other random ones...

    Do you have ventrillo installed?
    Yes of course

    Do you have a working microphone and know how to use it?

    IMPORTANT - What is your favorite non-combat pet?

    Miscellaneous - and probably most important section of all:

    Why do you want to join the August Knights?
    I raided a toc25 with you tonight, and i really liked the atmosphere and how things were handled. You guys have a comfortable and fun setting, but still get the job done! After talking to some officers in vent, it seems like your values and guidelines are right on with how I feel about gaming. It's refreshing to say the least!!

    Do you know any current August Knights members who would be willing to vouch for you?
    Not really :-/

    If you could have one "final meal" on earth, what would it be?

    What are the last three books you read, and what did you think of each?
    I'm re-reading the Twilight series again - I love those books! I've also started the new Dan Brown book, but can't get into it quiet yet...

    What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?
    So many to choose from!! Depends on my mood I'm a big fan of stupid humor though!! (The Office is my kind of humor!)

    Paper or Plastic?

    Diamond Dave or Sammy?
    Jigga Who!?

    Kirk or Picard? Why?
    Umm... I'd say neither, but if I HAD to choose it'd be Picard b/c those Priceline commercials are ANNOYING!!

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    Another rogue?!?! That'd put at us at a whopping 2.5 counting kidd! Recommend invite.
    Pallies aren't OP - everyone else just sucks.

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    She was accepted too - lol Squid i intend to this often just to cause you MORE WORK!!!!

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