Tell us about you:

Your "Real Life" Age and Occupation: 30yrs old, work for Verizon Wireless

Availabilty for Raids: Pretty much late night right now but will change in near future

Past guilds, and why you left each: Magus Oraculum, Honorbound, Allegiance Reborn

Past Raid Experience: Previously was hardcore but have become more casual due to finishing up class and techie certifications

Interest: Social Raiding

How long have you been playing? June 2006

Your email

Tell us about your raiding main: Combat Sword Spec Rogue does good dmg and know how to play the class with the best of them.

Character Name: Nighethis

Class: Rogue

Raid Spec: Combat Swords

Link to the WOW Armory:

Attunements: all of the old school attunements,

Alts if any:Nighttotem - Resto Shammie, Nyh - dps DK

What are your professions? Are there any notable/exciting craftables that you can make? Mining/Engineering, shammie - inscriptionist.... not too many exciting ones anymore since they made it where everyone can train everything :/

What mods do you currently have installed? DBM, X-Perl, Threatmeter,

Do you have ventrillo installed? of course

Do you have a working microphone and know how to use it? yes

IMPORTANT - What is your favorite non-combat pet? the yeti, gotta love the little troll look

Miscellaneous - and probably most important section of all:

Why do you want to join the August Knights? pugged with a few of you and were very respectable and seemed to know what was going on. can't ask for much more than that

Do you know any current August Knights members who would be willing to vouch for you? Arelan and Juura

If you could have one "final meal" on earth, what would it be? Spicy Chilli with lots of cold beer

What are the last three books you read, and what did you think of each? Arthas was the last one I read, loved it do to just starting to get into the Lore of WoW.

What is your all-time favorite movie, and why? Bad Boys! fast cars, explosions, nice ladies, funny movie quotes

Paper or Plastic?Plastic

Diamond Dave or Sammy? Sammy

Kirk or Picard? Why? Kirk, the original captain