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Thread: Resto Druid Application to August Knights

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    Talking Resto Druid Application to August Knights


    Tell us about you:

    I am a Leo. Oh look August. heheheh I'm a gadget freak and an anime lover. If it has something to do with ninjas and mechas, high school chicks with guns and katanas, I'm in!! I was also quite a gamer who pretty much spent a lot of hours just playing. It was my passion then. Now, my passion is my fiancee. I plan on getting married next year. I've been playing this game for quite some time now. About 4 years I believe. I've tried other games and I do love some solo play but nothing really beats having to finish off something with a bunch of really good people. Nowadays, it's hard to find that. It's hard to find good honest folk that just enjoys the game.

    Your "Real Life" Age and Occupation:

    I'm 31 and I am currently employed as a financial systems administrator. My mind of course stopped counting at 25 and I sometimes dream of working as a mime.

    Availabilty for Raids:

    Well, Lundergaard has told me about your guild's schedule. I'm pretty sure I can attend at least 75% of the engagements. It'll be difficult for me during my company's fiscal period ends which is usually the first week of the new month as I have critical duties to perform.

    I can raid mostly nights and maybe one day out of the weekend. If weekdays, most likely after 6pm Eastern time.

    Past guilds, and why you left each:

    I've been in 2 major guilds that I held the title of officer, class lead and gm. The first one being Mystics where I was in all three positions. The guild's original members had left and some of us especially me had to pick up the pieces. Needless to say, we all went our different paths.

    The last guild I was as an officer, was in Diesel. I didn't exactly leave the guild. I left the game. That was nearly a year ago...10 months to be exact. I came back 2 weeks ago and have been heroic instancing and pugging what I could to get up to speed on gear and the new mechanics of the game. There's only so much that I can get from badges. I believe I only need one more thing from the triumph badges and the rest will have to be from running raids. I know that being away for such a long time will hurt me as my gear is not up to date nor is my knowledge of the new fights. I however can say that I catch up pretty quickly. As a former gm and officer raiders looked up to us to know the fights so I had to be on my toes. Quite honestly, I've read up on the fights already but I have yet to really see them in person. The only instance I've never done is Ulduar. I've already pugged TOC10 but have not seen TOC25. I'm sure there's a variation as with other raid instances.

    Past Raid Experience:

    My raiding career really started in BC. I've done all the raids up to BT. I've got experience even in the Sunwell raids during my short time with Social Butterflies. I didn't bother mentioning them because I was only there for 3 weeks. I was a backup healer and didn't get enough time on the front lines.

    Before I had left the game, I cleared 10/25Naxx and 10/25 Malygos. I attempted 25 Malygos. It was during this time that I had decided to put my life first.

    Interest: (Hard Core Raiding/Regular Raiding/Social Raiding/PVP)

    I was a hardcore raider playing 6/7 times a week. I attended all of the raids and spent countless/sleepless nights/days and bought 10 or more cups of espresso to play. That almost killed my social life and I almost lost my fiancee because of this game. That's one of the reasons why I quit. I honestly didn't think I'd come back but I need to have some form of escape. I do have other games that I play, but nothing really beats playing with other people.

    How long have you been playing? (/played)

    Last I looked it was roughly 114 days.

    Your email address: irtehtree @ gmail dot com

    Tell us about your raiding main:

    Character Name: Toolzy - She's my first character. I didn't know about WoW and the mechanics at the time. All the while, while I was leveling to 60, I was specc'ed resto. I didn't know that I had the option of going to one tree or the other. So you can imagine my pain at the time but I believe that by leveling as resto, I learned a lot about my class.

    Class: Druid

    Raid Spec: 14/0/57 Restoration (been restoration for 4 years) I've never gone feral or boomkin. I've tried being a hunter but healing's what I do best. I always believed in endurance with high throughput. No mana, no heals.

    Link to the WOW Armory:


    Umm...I honestly don't know if I'm attuned for anything in WotLK. If there is, I can surely work on it. Last I remember, I was working on a long quest line that deals with the LK's story line.

    Oh wait! I do have the Key to go and raid in OS. I honestly can't remember the others...hehe

    Alts if any:

    Just my hunter named Acteia. Still level 70. I don't know if I plan on leveling her. Maybe just her gathering professions.

    What are your professions? Are there any notable/exciting craftables that you can make?

    I'm an Alchemist and a Scribe. The only reason I took them is because they were raid viable. Enchanting and JC are great but they were too expensive for my taste.

    What mods do you currently have installed?

    Oh wow...I have a ton of mods. Can I just link my ui photo?

    I do have DBM, Bigwigs for raid guides. As for my ui, I have a lot that helps me increase visibility and efficiency. Grid, Dominos and Decursive are really my main tools. They're the mods I really use a lot. Everything else really just keep things neat.

    Other than that, I have my omen and recount meter. The recount meter really is more for my personal use. It helps me to assess my statistical information during fights.

    Do you have ventrillo installed?

    I do have Ventrilo installed. I use a Mac though so I often cross my fingers and hope that the server I log into has the right codec.

    Do you have a working microphone and know how to use it?

    I had a working mic. It needs to be replaced. I can listen for the moment but I am looking into getting a better mic.

    IMPORTANT - What is your favorite non-combat pet?

    Umm...Mr. Chilly? 'coz it's cute? hehehe I was thinking of getting the karate panda. That'd be my favourite pet.

    Miscellaneous - and probably most important section of all:

    Why do you want to join the August Knights?

    Lunder's been telling me all about your guild and the members. One thing I look for now is maturity. I've been in so many pugs and what not that sometimes, screaming teenagers with no control of their expletives or QQ'ing turn me off from the game. As I said, I've been with Diesel for over a year. If you know Totalsham, he wasn't really a ray of sunshine. heheheh He's funny, his temper tantrums were funny at times but when he lost it, well...let's just say that it wasn't very motivating. I have respect for that guy and what he did. Not a lot of people like him but he had very good intentions.

    Do you know any current August Knights members who would be willing to vouch for you?

    Lundergaard I've known him for almost 4 years into this game. We met back in Mystics when we were just plebes. Great guy. Very funny, very mature and he knows his class. I knew he'd wanted to tank for the longest time and I'm happy he is now. He's been one of our best healers back then I'm sure he still is. The change in role for him is a refreshing change and I respect him for that. I however, can't change roles. I've always liked support. I've been a healer in previous MMO games, mostly Asian/Korean.

    If you could have one "final meal" on earth, what would it be?

    Lightly battered deep fried chicken, dark meat with mashed potatoes and gravy. Cream of mushroom soup on the side and a garden salad with peppercorn ranch dressing. Oh...and a tall cup of grape soda. =)

    What are the last three books you read, and what did you think of each?

    Umm...I'm not much of a book reader. I don't remember the last thing I read. Do comic books count? I was reading the entire line of Ultimate Marvel. The last one I read from that series was Spiderman. Honestly? I can't believe they killed him. >.<

    What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?

    Spies Like Us (Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd) It's an old 1980's movie about these two analysts who are recruited as CIA spies...or decoys. Funny as hell. Humour or comedy then had a lot more quality than what you get nowadays with the big booties, T&A and getting stoned. Although, I do like Grandma's House. I still prefer Spies Like Us. I'd even nominate The Three Amigos. =) The humour was just original.

    Paper or Plastic?

    Plastic. Reuse it!!! Save the trees!!! i r teh tree!!

    Diamond Dave or Sammy?

    Uh...who? this old school WWF wrestling? I'm not much of a sports fan. Wait...does WWE count as sports? LOL!

    Kirk or Picard? Why?

    Kirk!! I watched more of Picard's generation onwards but Kirk still takes the cake. He was the original swashbuckling "romantico". He was the captain and he got away with it.
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    Solid app. Healers ftw.
    Pallies aren't OP - everyone else just sucks.

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    Sounds good to me

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    He wants grape soda as his last meal drink? /gkick!
    lol j/k <3 toolzy
    BTW- move his app he was accepted too!

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