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Thread: Iphone Suggestions

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    Iphone Suggestions

    Ok, so I finally jumped on the boat and dumped my Blackberry for a new Iphone.

    I need some input from you apple guys and long time Iphone users.

    I rely on my calendar pretty heavy, and the biggest drawback I have found so far is that I can't accept incoming invites from my fellow Blackberry users or outlook users in the office. The basic calendar on the Iphone also won't set a reminder for me by default. I can accept the invitation in Outlook and sync it to my iphone, but, There are many days I'm not even in the office and would like to respond to meeting invites right from my phone.

    I'm sure there's an app for that =) I just haven't had much luck finding one.

    Ideas ?

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    Congrats on getting an iPhone 4. Looks like a really impressive phone!

    The inability to accept calendar items within mail is a complaint with my iPhone as well. I never found an app to correct this- but never looked either. Always thought is was poor of Apple to not set it up to allow acceptance of meeting notices this way.

    As to reminders, if you manually set it to alert you 15 mins before, it turns on the automatic reminders and also will then bold the date so it'll show up.

    The way I use my iPhone calander for work/business, is I forward meeting invites and such to my home e-mail account. Accept them in outlook there, and then when I sync my iPhone, they'll show up in my calander there. Not the most elegant, but it works.

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    Let me know how AT&T works out for you. In my area, I'm actually going to have to retire my iPhone and switch to another option - they're just no good here.

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    I love AT&T. I've had them as long as I've owned a cell phone. They are by far, the most reliable carrier in my area.

    I've been playing with lots of apps over the last few days but the calendar thing has me bothered, really bothered. Might seem like a minute problem for most, but I can't seem to get over it.

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    The iPhone supports MS Exchange for email, calendar and contacts. You can get over-the-air push email, calendar, and contacts from your Exchange server. Your Exchange admin may need to enable this feature on the Exchange side.

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    Yea .... There's the problem. Not on exchange.

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    This service might be able to help:

    They've got a solution in beta that you can try out.
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