Here are my thoughts about the smart phone I chose and why I chose it. Let me be the first to say, this is my first smart phone and I am in no way a heavy user! I have downloaded exactly 2 apps in the time I've had it, a public radio app and a weather app. I might at some point download a calorie counter or something like that.

My uses for the phone are the following.
1) Make phone calls
2) Text Clay and my sister
3) Occasionally check facebook
4) Occasionally use the lady in the box for navigation
5) Nascar radio (it's a guilty pleasure on race day)

Here is why I bought the phone I did.
It's small, I really like the feel of the phone and it's exactly the size of my wallet. Again heavy graphic users may not like that but for me it was a selling point.

I liked the keyboard, it has nothing to do with physical versus virtual and one being better than the other. Plenty of physical keyboards don't float my boat. This one feels like punching bubble wrap and I LOVE bubble wrap.

The OS was intuitive for me, Clay's phone looks and feels to complicated for me, this one has everything I want built in and ready. The music interface is nice, the web interface works, etc...

The coolest thing is that I can be on a conference call, and text Clay, and have something else up... I was really digging that, the deck of cards thing with each app in a little window running is sweet.

Battery life lasts a few days so not bad, again I am not a heavy user so I don't know how long it would last if I was constantly listening to music and fiddling with the phone.

Do I think it's an "apple killer" or an "android spoiler" I have no idea but probably not. I do think there is room in the market for more than one platform though and the palm os is nice. I do I think it's worth a look if you are not a heavy user (I can't speak for heavy users since I am not one) and can get over owning something with a name like pixi.

It is not wi-fi enabled although some models are, I don't find it a hindrance but again, I am not a heavy user of these types of features.

The Palm brand was bought by HP so I have no idea whether Palm will be in the phone business for the future.