Hey Guys,
How are all of you doing?
It's been a while, I trust everyone is doing well and getting ready for Xmas!

I really miss gaming with you guys.. Can't remember the last time I fired up a game on the PC.. That is really bad.. lol

My son had an opportunity to play paintball at a friend’s birthday party and fell in love with it. So for Xmas he is asking for a paintball gun, mask, and all the trimmings.
My question to all of you enthusiasts that have played a lot is what is the best thing for me to do? Is there a starter kit I can purchase for a good price somewhere? What type of gun should I get? Obviously I want him to be able to take it out and work good when he goes to paintball places, but I don’t want to blow a lot of money if he discovers it wasn’t all that he thought it would be.
He is 10 years old, and will be 11 in February.
Thanks in advance for your advice!!!

I hope you guys are still rocking online!!!