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Thread: Anyone playing Player Unkown Battleground (PUG)?

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    Anyone playing Player Unkown Battleground (PUG)?

    For all you old timers on here, I'm sure you remember Cruzer/ Damagee from our BF DC and Wow days. He and I have been playing PUG a bit lately. It's well worth PICKING up especially during the current steam summer sale. I picked up total war warhammer and Attila as well. If anyone is interested in adding me to steam friends, let me know. You can reply here or private message in here as I am trying to make a habit to check in here. Btw, it's PUBG.

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    Yeah I've got PUBG... play a bit from time to time to take a break from overwatch
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    I am back in wow, believe it or not..

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    I've been playing PUBG too. Currently just waiting until the PC version of Destiny 2 is released...
    lol, <3

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