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    RedDot Router stuff

    If I finish building this computer soon, my next project is to network at least two or three computers tops. Since the server moved from North Carolina I lost the postings on topic, I apologize I didn't copy the information.

    I know you guys listed specfic routers to buy.

    Which ones were they again?
    Where can I read up on them?
    What other items do I need for this network that are not provided with router?
    What challenges could I face having cable connection with a router?

    Thanks for the help.


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    I am working on getting a Netgear RT314 4 port hub/router. It seems to be a pretty good one from what I have read. It does port forwarding so I think you can run a sever behind it (correct me if I am wrong guys). I dont know too much about it but I am reading up on it from The forums section has a ton of info buried there. It just takes a little while to dig through it all.

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