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Thread: I had to post this......

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    I had to post this......

    I know the Seahawks are doing good this year but I found this funny none the less. You can insert any team you wish, but this is how I found it.

    Today is career day, so the teacher asks everyone what their fathers did for a living.

    Finally, it was Johnny's turn.

    When asked what his dad did for a living:

    Johnny: "My dad is a male stripper at a gay night club. When things get real good is when he makes love to other men for big-time money."

    Shocked and speechless, the teacher makes the other children color and takes Johnny out into the hall.

    Teacher: "Does you dad really do that for a living?"

    Johnny: "No, not really. He's actually a Seattle Seahawks football player but I'm too embarrased to tell anyone".

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    It's a variation of an old joke originally told about the Oakland Raiders. Heard it a million and a half times. But thanks. Really.
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