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    My next phone/pda investment for sure.
    lol, <3

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    I was reading the live blog from MacWorld and the IPhone certainly sounds cool. Hopefully, I can con my boss into buying it for me to replace my crackberry. 8GB sounds good, but throw a few 720mb .avi movies and you've filled that puppy up in no time.

    Was there a port for an external drive?

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    Has some limitations but certainly is an exciting development. Not sure if I'll bite at the 1.0 version. Usually the 2nd generation devices seem to improve things quite a bit. Will wait for the hands-on reviews.

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    Cingular/AT&T... bla. That's the biggest downside of it for me. Even though phone selection is limited and they cripple the phones, Verizon - by far - has the best network around here. And since my cell phone is primarily used to make calls when I "need" to, that is the most important factor for me.

    That being said, I want one!
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